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On May 6, 2013, I began a petition from the White House to try to build a Special Ed College. My petition ran from May 6, 2013 to June 8, 2013. I needed 100,000 signatures by June 8 2013. Unfortanatly I didn't make the deadline. In the end, I got 93 signatures.

I posted it to my website, Facebook and Twitter. I even sent a few emails to get more signatures. This is not the finish, It is Only the Start!

I may do a new petition and send it to more people that support my idea. I might make a survey for them to participate in. I could raise money with donations.

In November 2013, a mayor who was running came to my house to talk to my mom. And I found her on Facebook and sent her my letter to my congressman and she actually contacted me back and said that she would give it the congressman Donald Payne jr, his son. And when she won, she invited me to her swearing in on January 1 2014, to meet the congressman but something came up and unfortunately I couldn't attend! I'm still trying to get my idea realized and I'm never giving up!


June 4 2020

I just want to give a small update on this idea. I am trying to draw a sketch of the facility then figure out how to get it a reality and i know its a big dream, in this time it is hard to do now. I'm not a architect but I'm a imagineer and a artist. After this horrible pandemic is over and I have hopes it will be over and back to normal, maybe not now or in a few months but it will be over with a vaccine in the next year. I am hoping we will get through this and back to normal in a year or so, until then im writing a fictional story to tell about my idea and then we can figure out how to make it a reality. I do believe we will get back to normal, and build my special ed college idea. With free tuition anyone can go if they want or feel comfortable going.

I would like to be remembered for changing the world for Special Ed teens by founding a Special Ed College to help teens with disabilities get a facility that could help them be more independent as well continue learning. Special Ed Teens who get out of school at age 18 and 21 who wants to continue their education and this idea can help them find a career passion.

My Idea!

I would like a building/facility that has 4 floors or levels with doors on each floor. It would be like a college but, for special students who need to learn how to be Independent. Students/teenagers who can't afford to go to college or simply can't go to college. This building would have stores, dorms, classes, and most of all therapies.

It would NOT be like a hospital. It would be a small college or a facility on a campus. I want this facility to be a safe space for everyone who has a disability.

The tuition would be a little bit less or Free then the tuition pay would be in a real college. They could teach you to do stuff on your own too. This small college would be theirs for 4 or 5 years.

On the first floor when you walk in there would be stores.. One store I think it would be great to have is a power chair store, if their wheelchair or power chair breaks just in case. They can go there to fix their chair or you can rent a power chair for themselves for the years the students are at the college. There are also book stores to buy your books. In the book store, they don't only have books; they also have stuff that you need for your classes and for your dorm. A small pharmacy could also be included so that the students can get more prescription medicine if (they need) to. The Cafeteria is also on this floor too. In the cafeteria they will give you a food card. Everyday the faculty will give you a water bottle if you dont have one. They would have a small library, it could have some computers and tables and a lot of books to borrow. Also if there roommate is too noisy they could go right down stairs to study if they have too. Also the nurse's office will be on this floor.

On the second floor, there are dorms for the students/teenagers could stay in. You could have a choice for the 4 years you there. You could have a roommate or you don't have to. Also on the second floor there will be a lounge/game room. On this floor too you can experiment on washing and drying your own clothes with some help too. The bathrooms will all be handicapped accessible, including the showers. The bathrooms will also have two couches so that the wheelchair teens will be able to get changed on. The sinks will be automatic faucets with sensers. (possibly)

It will be the same scene as a real college dorm, but more handicapped accessible. The bed is on the floor and the desk is on the side. The rooms will be big enough for two beds and another desk. There will be a small refrigerator in each room also to share. The other stuff you can bring from home.

The lounge/game room would have three love seats, a television with cable and if you want a few videogame systems maybe. A table where the teenagers could play board games and if they wanted to do there homework too.

I have a couple of rules too. You have to get changed before you go to your classes and go downstairs too. You have to have something on your feet except slippers. So you have to have either your shoes and braces on, your sneakers and braces on or even you could wear sandals to your classes or to go downstairs. Also there is no bed time; you will have to decide when you want to go to bed. So if you are late for your class, that's your own fault. Water bottles is allowed in classes at all times.

The third floor would have all classes. I have an idea for a couple of Math classes and a couple of Language Arts or literature classes. There would also be some teaching classes. There would be a Culinary Arts class, Art class, a Computer Animation class, and maybe a wood shop class. The art class would be on weekdays and on some Saturdays. On weekdays the art class would teach you how to draw better, also to teach them other stuff in art and on Saturdays there would be like crafts for them to do if they don't have too much homework.

In the basement of that building, there would be all your therapies. In separate rooms they would have a speech room, OT room and a gym where the physical therapies will take place. There maybe going to be a heated pool inside the building in the back. The PT's could do therapy in the pool too. They are the ones that would help you learn how to do stuff too. They would ask you questions to see what you can or can't do. For example, if you can't put on your forms and shoes they could teach you or if you can't brush your own teeth, they could teach you or try to make it as easy as possible so you can do it on your own.

(You can read my letter to my local congressman here)

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