Animation: 20.00

Animate your script: 20.00

Animate or cartoon yourself/personal animation: 10.00

Photoshop: 6.00

Add or Remove/Photo Altering: 8.00

Photoshop Enhancing- To get started E-mail me with the photos that require enhancing. Explain in your email exactly what changes you would like me to make.


Be distinctive in your explanation of exactly how you want the enhanced version of your photo to appear.


I'll then send you an extended invoice explaining exactly what changes can be made along with the total price.


If you need a photo to be Enhanced, Send the photo through your own email.


The rest of services you can pay full with a check or PayPal before or while I start doing any kind of project.


Please explain in a detailed email exactly what kind of services you require.


Animate or Cartoon yourself- Send me a picture of yourself then explain to me if you wanted as a animated card or by it self. I could also cartoon couples.


Computer animation- Explain what kind of computer animation you would like me to design.


I'll then send you an invoice explaining how long it will take me to design the animation.


If it is from a script: please include the criteria.

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