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Items that Just Don’t Belong Word Search Puzzles offers a collection of 50 large print word search puzzles with everyday themes such as mornings, around the house, kitchen, breakfast, lunch, vacation, and items that are red, and green.

Pages contain two joined puzzles. Each puzzle contains one item that just doesn’t belong.

Circle and find those items. Once you’ve completed the first 48 puzzles, you’re ready to complete the final two puzzles with those same items?

All items that don’t belong will have a common theme.

Also look for an A-Z scavenger hunt puzzle.

Table of Contents

1L. Mornings

1R. Ready for School

2L. Around the House

2R. House Chores

3L. In the Kitchen

3R. In the Closet

4L. Reading Time

4R. Sleeping Time

5L. Breakfast Time

5R. Lunch Time

6L. Snack Time

6R. Chocolates

7L. Toy Store

7R. Hobby Shop

8L. Board Games

8R. Jigsaw Puzzles

9L. Dollhouse

9R. Dolls

10L. Exercise

10R. Biking

11L. Winter

11R. Spring

12L. Summer

12R. Fall

13L. Vacation

13R. Airplane Trip

14L. Day Out

14R. Day Camp

15L. My Town

15R. Trucks

16L. Beauty Parlor

16R. Barber

17L. Ice Cream

17R. Coloring Book

18L. Black

18R. White

19R. Green

20L. Red

20R. Yellow

21L. Round

21R. About Time

22L. Rhymes

22R. A-Z

23L. Cats

23R. Dogs

24L. Small World 1

24R. Small World 2