Great foods word search

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CelebrATE GrEAT Foods Word Search Puzzles offers 60+ word search puzzles on foods and cooking.
Two puzzles per page. Find puzzles on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

Find kitchen aids, grocery shopping and cooking terms.

Topics include foods in towns’ and people’s names, food movie and song titles, and a food A-Z puzzle.

Look for everything from pancakes and waffles to hamburgers and steaks.

Pudding, potato puffs, pumpernickel, pumpkin, punch, puree, puzzles!

Celebrate Great Foods Word Search Puzzles

Published May 15, 2019 (78 pages)

Table of Contents

1L. Breakfast

1R. Eggs

2L. Pancakes

2R. Waffles

3L. Sandwiches

3R. Picnics

4L. Barbecue

4R. Chicken

5L. Potatoes

5R. Dinner Menu

6L. Thanksgiving

6R. Dessert Table

7L. Cakes

7R. Pies

8L. Donuts

8R. Ice Cream

9L. Coffee

9R. Tea

10L. Chinese

10R. Mexican

11L. Italian

11R. Pizza

12L. Diner

12R. Seafood

13L. School Lunch

13R. Ballpark Foods

14L. Weddings

14R. Hors d’oeuvres

15L. Supermarket

15R. Bakery Dept.

16L. Beverages

16R. Candy Dept.

17L. Canned Goods

17R. Cereal Dept.

18L. Cheese Dept.

18R. Dairy Dept.

19L. Frozen Foods

19R. Fruit Dept.

20L. Gift Baskets

20R. Meat Dept.

21L. Salad

21R. Seasonings

22L. Soup Dept.

22R. Vegetables

23L. Chocolates

23R. Rhyme Time

24L. Kitchen

24R. Kitchen Aids

25L. Terms 1

25R. Terms 2

26L. Cookbooks

26R. Cooking on TV

27L. Food Towns 1

27R. Food Towns 2

28L. Food Names

28R. Taste in Music

29L. Name Fame

29R. Food Brands

30L. Song Titles 1

30R. Song Titles 2

31L. Movie Titles 1

31R. Movie Titles 2

32L. State Foods

32R. Food A-Z