Birthday Word Search

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Birthday parties are always fun, and solving puzzles are entertaining.
Here’s your chance to solve fun and entertaining puzzles all about birthdays.

Search for words such as cake, candles, and invitations. Learn which birthday parties have a rattle and sippy cup.
And another birthday party has a coconut pie, parrots and leis!
Which birthday party uses sheets and blankets (and maybe a pillow fight)?

Bonus puzzles for each birthday month offer hidden words from inauguration to candy canes.

Popular for school birthday parties, and perfect to hand out as party favors!

Table of Contents

Happy Birthday Word Search Puzzles

  1. Happy Birthday Party
  2. Sing Happy Birthday to You
  3. Surprise! Birthday Party
  4. Happy Birthday Social Media
  5. Happy 1st Birthday Party
  6. Happy Bar Mitzvah Party
  7. Happy Birthday Sweet 16
  8. Happy 50th Birthday Party
  9. Birthday Sleepover Party
  10. Birthday School Party
  11. Happy Birthday Luau Party
  12. Happy Birthday Pool Party
  13. Happy Birthday Cake
  14. Birthday Breakfast in Bed
  15. Happy Birthday Tea Party
  16. Happy Birthday Barbecue
  17. Cookies & Cupcakes
  18. Happy Birthday Donuts
  19. Happy Birthday Ice Cream
  20. Happy Birthday Pizza Party
  21. Birthday Party Snacks
  22. Birthday Party Themes
  23. Happy Birthday Invitations
  24. Birthday Greeting Cards
  25. Birthday Party Favors
  26. Happy Birthday Crayons
  27. Happy Birthday Decorations
  28. Happy Birthday Flowers
  29. Happy Birthday Balloons
  30. Birthday Party Activities
  31. Pin the Tail on the Donkey
  32. Birthday Party Piñatas
  33. Birthday Party Magician
  34. Happy Birthday Party Music
  35. Happy Birthday Activities
  36. Birthday at the Arcade
  37. Birthday at Amusement Park
  38. Happy Birthday at the Circus
  39. Happy Birthday at the Zoo
  40. Birthday at the Aquarium
  41. Party Supplies Shopping
  42. Children’s Birthday Gifts
  43. Birthday Stuffed Animals
  44. Birthday Gifts for Her
  45. Birthday Gifts for Him
  46. Happy Birthstones
  47. Feb. 29th: Leap Year
  48. Twins & Triplets
  49. Happy Birthday Twins
  50. Happy Birthday (letters)
  51. January
  52. February
  53. March
  54. April
  55. May
  56. June
  57. July
  58. August
  59. September
  60. October
  61. November
  62. December