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Just published in October, 2020, Why is the Sky Blue? Colorful Questions and Answers by Frank J. D'Agostino.

“Why is the Sky Blue? Colorful Questions and Answers” is a sort of “Hues Hue” reference about colors. Have you ever wondered why brides wear white, but raincoats are yellow? Find answers to colorful questions such as: What color is the ocean? What do chauffeurs, clerics, judges, magicians, and pirates, have in common? What color was the first piece of bubblegum? Are goldfish naturally orange?

Subjects include astronomy and planets, "colormarking" brand colors, farming, flags, food, hair and eyes, mammals and fish, the martial arts, plants, fruits and vegetables, reptiles and chameleons, ribbons, sports, tapes, transportation, weather, and wires.

While the book is about colors…it contains no images, color or black and white.

Color and Solve Your Favorite Holidays
Celebrate Great Foods
Summer Is Funner
School Days
Exploring Career Paths
Christmas Timeline
Happy Birthday!
New York City
Items That Don't Belong
Fun to Solve
Airplanes, Boats, Cars, Dump Trucks
A Rail Love Of Trains Word Search Puzzles
All About the States
All About the Presidents
Good Badges
Wedding Word Search Puzzles

Word Search

Word search puzzles offers a variety of word search and word find puzzles with themes like birthdays to Christmas.

Word puzzle books

Presidents Search-a-Word Puzzles

(Dover Children’s Activity Books) Paperback – July, 1997

Learn about Adams’ pet , Taft’s nickname, and more!
Fun facts about 41 different presidents are the clues to these hidden word puzzles.
Names of family members, hobbies, pets, and other related terms appear within each.
Hours of  fun!

States Search-a-Word Puzzle

Paperback – January, 1997

If you like the challenge of word games (and also want to improve your knowledge of the United States), this is just the book for you!
In it you’ll find an entertaining batch of puzzles focusing on each of the 50 states plus the nation’s capital.

Above the grid is a list of names of state birds and flowers, mountains and rivers, the state capital and other cities, famous people, as well as crops, and other natural resources.

These puzzles will not only provide you with hours of fun. They’ll help you learn about the fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Love of Trains Word Search Puzzles

October, 2018

70 word search puzzles on rails, with light rail to heavy freight, as well as subways systems in the U.S. and Canada.

Puzzles include passenger trains such as the Orient Express, engineers, conductors, and the Polar Express.

Look for puzzles on railroad museums and scenic excursions, as well as popular model railroading.

Search for words about Amtrak, past and present railroads, and “Thomas.”
Bonus puzzles include trains in movies, on TV, in music, and in books.

A Rail treat for railfans!

Christmas Word Search Puzzles

August, 2018

Who doesn’t love the joyous Christmas holiday season?
And who doesn’t enjoy solving word search puzzles?
Search for holiday traditions such as candy canes, stockings, mistletoe, and holiday music.

Puzzles are listed in chronological order - early holiday decorations up through  tracking Santa Claus.

When was St. Nicholas born?
What was the first Christmas carol?
When did the first holiday TV special air?

Celebrate the holidays any time of the year with Christmas Timeline Word Search Puzzles.

Careers Word Search Puzzles

Large Print, February, 2019

Exploring Career Paths Word Search Puzzles offers a collection of 120 large print word search puzzles including seasonal and part time work.

Exploring Career Paths Word Search Puzzles offers a collection of over 100 large print puzzles.

Find occupations like accountant and zoologist.

Look for heroes such as police, firefighters and military personnel, in addition to the butcher, the baker, and candle maker.

Find nine-to-five Bankers to work-at-home Bloggers and Youtubers.

Find “findings” (Oceanographer), and search for “search engines” (Web Designer).

Puzzles are listed in alphabetical order with the Butcher, the Baker, and Candle maker included!)

You'll find a puzzle for many different lines of work.

Can you think of a better way to job “search”?

More Word search puzzles

Happy Birthday Word Search

June, 2018

Birthday parties are always fun, and solving puzzles are entertaining.
Here’s your chance to solve entertaining puzzles about birthdays.
Search for words such as cake, candles, and invitations.

Learn which birthday parties have a rattle and sippy cup.
And another birthday party has a coconut pie, parrots and leis!

Popular for school birthday parties, and perfect to hand out as party favors!

A puzzle for everyone

New York City Word Search Book

July, 2018

The Big Apple offers something for everyone, such as Times Square and Rockefeller Center, to a night on the town on Broadway or Lincoln Center.

With over 60 word-search puzzles, you’ll find which landmark skyscraper was featured in the film, “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Which Manhattan district has a giant needle threading sculpture?
Each outer-borough (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island) has its own puzzle, with at least one accompanying puzzle (such as the Staten Island Ferry).

Find puzzles about your favorite New York teams such as the Yankees, Giants, Knicks and Rangers.
Bonus puzzles include New York A-Z, and how many words can you find using the letters NEW YORK CITY?

School Days Word Search Puzzles

September, 2018

60 word search puzzles about school and education, early learning and high school.

Items include Senior, Crayons, History, Outdoor club, Open house, and Lunch!
Subjects include Arithmetic, Astronomy, English, History and Science.

Search for after-school activities such as marching band, cheer leading, spelling bees and driver’s ed.
See a science fair, and learn about different field trips.

And there are puzzles on college as well.
Bonus puzzles include schools in the movies, and TV shows!

A puzzle to bring back wonderful memories.

Sports Search-A-Word Puzzles

(Dover Children’s Activity Books) – November, 1996

Attention. sports fans!
Here’s a great way to have fun while you learn more about all kinds of sports.
In this book you’ll find 50 fascinating search-a-word puzzles dealing with baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, gymnastics, karate, tennis, volleyball, swimming and many more-even skydiving and sled-dog racing!

Young sports fans will love finding hidden sports-related words in 50 themed puzzle grids: baseball, basketball, football, soccer, swimming, track and field, cycling, skateboarding, volleyball, many more. Solutions.

Each puzzle contains a diagram and list of hidden words.

Sports Search A Word-Puzzles will not only help you sharpen your spelling, vocabulary and word recognition skills, you’ll increase your knowledge about almost every athletic activity.

Best of all, you’ll have hours of enjoyment solving these puzzles.

Solutions are included if you get stuck.

After you've solved one puzzle you'll want to start the very next one.

Summer Word Search – Large Print

December, 2018

Large print word search puzzles on the hottest season of the year.
Search for words on hot topics such as vacationing and hot summer fun runs.

Refreshing water puzzles include swimming, beach volleyball, surfing, and cruises.

Visit carnivals, fairs, and hot air ballooning!

Find “hot” items such as Hot springs, hotels, and what’s another word for frankfurter?
Look for delicious puzzles on ice cream, lemonade, and picnics!
And search out sea shells too! Some Like it Hot.
Clue: find this in one of the 3 bonus puzzles on summer music, summer reading and movies.

Perfect for vacationing and travel!
With 62 puzzles, solve a puzzle a day during July and August (or any time of the year, no matter the temperature).

A puzzle perfect for you.

Items that Just Don’t Belong Word Search Puzzles April 7, 2019 offers a collection of 50 large print word search puzzles with everyday themes such as mornings, around the house, kitchen, breakfast, lunch, vacation, and items that are red, and green. Also look for an A-Z scavenger hunt puzzle.Pages contain two joined puzzles. Each puzzle contains one item that just doesn’t belong. Circle and find those items. All items that don’t belong will have a common theme. Once you’ve completed the first 48 puzzles, you’ll  be ready to complete the final two puzzles—searching for those same circled items!

CelebrATE GrEAT Foods Word Search Puzzles - May 2019 - offers 60+ word search puzzles on foods and cooking. Two puzzles per page.Find puzzles on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. Find kitchen aids, grocery shopping and cooking terms. Topics include foods in towns’ and people’s names, food movie and song titles, and a food A-Z puzzle. Look for everything from pancakes and waffles to hamburgers and steaks.