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Why is the sky blue

Why is the Sky Blue?

Colorful questions and answers

October, 2020

“Why is the Sky Blue? Colorful Questions and Answers” reference books about colors.

Find answers to colorful questions such as: What color is the ocean? What color was the first piece of gum?

While the book is about colors … it contains no images, color or black and white.

All About the States

All about the States Search-a-Word Puzzle

January, 1997

Find puzzles on each of the 50 states plus the nation’s capital.

Learn names of state birds and flowers, rivers, capitals, and famous people


All About the Presidents Search-a-Word Puzzles

July, 1997

Fun facts about U.S. presidents in word puzzles.
Find family members, pets, and other events in history.

Christmas Timeline Word Search Puzzles

Christmas Word Search Puzzles

August, 2018

Who doesn’t love the Christmas holiday season? Search for  traditions such as candy canes, stockings, and holiday music.

Puzzles are from early holiday decorations up to tracking Santa.

Celebrate any time of the year.

A Rail Love of TRAINS

A Rail Love of Trains Word Search Puzzles

October, 2018

70 word search puzzles on rails, with light rail to freight, and subways.

Look for puzzles on museums and model trains.

Bonus puzzles include trains in movies, on TV, in music, and in books.

Exploring Career Paths

Careers Word Search Puzzles

Large Print, February, 2019

120 large print word search puzzles about work.

Look for police, the butcher, the baker, and candle maker in your job search.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Word Search

June, 2018

Birthday parties are always fun, but more fun with word search puzzle books.
Search for words such as cake, gifts and candles

Popular for school  parties, and perfect to hand out as party favors!

New York City

New York City Word Search Book

July, 2018

The Big Apple offers something for everyone, such as Times Square and plays.

60 word-search puzzles on The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island) has its own puzzle, with at least one accompanying puzzle (such as the Staten Island Ferry).

And how many words can you find using the letters NEW YORK CITY?

School Days

School Days Word Search Puzzles

September, 2018

60 word search puzzles about school and education, early learning and high school.

Search for after-school activities such as marching band, cheer leading, spelling bees and driver’s ed.
See a science fair, and learn about different field trips.

Puzzles on college too.Bonus puzzles include schools in the movies, and TV shows!


Sports Search-A-Word Puzzles

(November, 1996

Here’s a great way to have fun while you learn more about all kinds of sports.
50  search-a-word puzzles on baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, karate, tennis, volleyball, and sled-dog racing.

Summer is Funner

Summer Word Search – Large Print

December, 2018

Large print word search puzzles on the hottest season of the year.
Search for words on hot topics such as vacationing and hot summer fun runs.

Refreshing water puzzles include swimming, beach volleyball, surfing, and cruises.

Visit carnivals, fairs, and hot air ballooning!

Find “hot” items such as Hot springs, hotels, and what’s another word for frankfurter?
Look for delicious puzzles on ice cream, lemonade, and picnics!
And search out sea shells too! Some Like it Hot.
Clue: find this in one of the 3 bonus puzzles on summer music, summer reading and movies.

Perfect for vacationing and travel!
With 62 puzzles, solve a puzzle a day during July and August (or any time of the year, no matter the temperature).

A puzzle perfect for you.


Airplanes, Boats, Cars, Dump Trucks, and other Vehicles Word Search Puzzles

AUGUST, 2019

The book offers a large collection of 91 word-search puzzles on vehicles and transportation.

In the Air; In the Water; On Land (taxi); Trucks; Trains; and Military Vehicles

Celebrate Great Foods

CelebrATE GrEAT Foods Word Search Puzzles

MAY, 2019

The book offers offers 60+ word search puzzles on foods and cooking.

Two puzzles per page.Find puzzles on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts.

Find kitchen aids, grocery shopping and cooking terms. Topics include foods in towns’ and people’s names, food movie and song titles, and a food A-Z puzzle.

Look for everything from pancakes and waffles to hamburgers and steaks.

Color and Solve Your Favorite Holidays

Color and Solve Your Favorite Holidays

August, 2019

This fun coloring book-puzzle book offers 40 pictures to color, and 40 matching word search puzzles.

And the best thing is the coloring book and puzzles are about your favorite holidays, and some annual events! Children can color in the pictures of popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween. And because families love spending time together, parents will find those same holidays in the word search puzzles to solve.

So get out your crayons. And pencils. Have fun, but don't worry about drawing outside the lines. Enjoy!

Fun to Solve

Fun to Solve Word Search Puzzles

september, 2019

This fun book offers over fifty word search puzzles. Each letter has two puzzles.

Solve a puzzle with “A” words, then one where the title starts with that letter (apple).

And a Z Words puzzle, and then a puzzle on zoos. Have fun solving!

good badges

Good Badges Word Search Puzzles

november, 2019

This book includes 90 puzzles on badges children might want to learn about, and feel as if they’ve “earned.”

Would they like to “earn” badges on animals and art, camping and cooking, painting and weather, coin and stamp collecting?

Puzzles are in circular shapes. A few, however, are in picture grids such as a boat, camera, computer, dog, fish, fruit, house and train.

There are 3,300 words to find from absolute (Math) to zoom (Photography).

Look for the word “Look,” where else but in a Traffic Safety puzzle? With each solved puzzle, solvers may feel as if they “earned” that badge. Woodworking is the final puzzle. A finish (to add a protective coating) is often the last step.

Find the word “Finish,” and finish the book!

Items That Don't Belong

Items that Just Don’t Belong Word Search Puzzles

APRIL, 2019

This book offers a collection of 50 large print word search puzzles with everyday themes such as mornings, around the house, kitchen, breakfast, lunch, vacation, and items that are red, and green.

Also look for an A-Z scavenger hunt puzzle.Pages contain two joined puzzles. Each puzzle contains one item that just doesn’t belong.

Circle and find those items. All items that don’t belong will have a common theme.

Once you’ve completed the first 48 puzzles, you’ll  be ready to complete the final two puzzles—searching for those same circled items!

Wedding puzzle

Weddings Word Search Puzzles

July, 2020

From romantic proposals to the "I Dos"

Weddings Word Search Puzzles includes over 50 puzzles on weddings, and the happy couple. Looking for a puzzle book to solve with your new bride or groom?
"I do, I do!"

Puzzles appear in order by the marriage proposal, the happy couple, wedding preparations (elopement, wedding planner, invitations, and the bridal shower), the bridal party, the wedding ceremony (rehearsal, vows, wedding bands, and music), the reception (locations, toasts, music, dinner, and the wedding cake), vendors (beautician, florist, and limousines), hotel accommodations, and…the romantic honeymoon!

The final two puzzles are about what brought the happy couple together…love and romance! Engaged and newlywed couples can make vows to solve the puzzle book together.